Mission Statement

The vision of Logan Lodge is to be of outstanding service and significance to its members.

We will realize this vision by:

  • Providing a mystical Lodge environment that demonstrates respect for the Masonic fraternity and Logan Lodge by maintaining a high standard of dress.
  • Subscribing to the idea that good food and good fellowship go hand in hand.
  • Educating its members in Masonic ritual, history, philosophy and symbolism, through a structured Masonic educational experience and quality speakers.
  • Initiating energetic, forward-thinking gentlemen who are accomplished in their endeavors.
  • Fostering a close brotherhood, having outside social activities equal in number to its Stated Meetings, and by regularly communicating with brothers who cannot attend meetings.
  • Focusing on experienced leadership, electing officers based on who can best work, best serve, and best agree.
  • Above all, remembering that our Lodge is built on the square of fraternity, which includes ritual, administration, education, and fellowship.

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